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It is possible to check the availability of parking spaces at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in advance by going online to the official airport website at, where the input of the travel or arrival dates will show passengers, what parking options are available to them on the day.

For passengers who are being dropped off or collected in a swift transaction there is Visitors’ Parking, an Amsterdam Airport Schiphol parking solution that charges by the 30 minute interval for the first three hours. This is also ideal for those wishing to just go shopping at the Schiphol Plaza, the central shopping centre at the airport.

The Visitors’ Parking area is very close to the terminal’s departure and arrival halls as well as being near the Schiphol Plaza shops. The first 30 minutes’ parking are charged at EUR 2.00 and at the same rate for every 30 minutes parked during a 3 hour interval. After the first 3 hours the parking fee rises to EUR 4.00 per hour. The maximum fee payable in the Visitors’ Parking lot is EUR 29.50 per day, irrespective of the day of the week.

Short and long-term parking at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol can also be quite cheap when parking in the Smart Parking zone, which can be reserved from a 3 day parking period onwards. Here passengers can park for 8, 15 or even 22 days for just EUR 5.00 per day. Passengers who make early reservations can save even more.

A booking made 6 weeks in advance of arrival can bring the cost down to EUR 4.32 per day or – in the case of a 22 day period being required – to just EUR 95.00 for a 22 day parking space. A 24-hour surveillance camera and additional security guard protection ensure that incidents of vandalism and theft are kept well away from the Smart parking zones.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol parking also includes a valet service. There is no need to hunt around for parking spaces, if passengers require valet parking, since they only need to park in front of the Departure Hall and drop their keys off at the Schiphol Valet Parking counter, which is located between Halls 2 and 3. Their car will be returned fully valeted to them upon when they come back to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Cars parked via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol valet parking are kept in a secure area that is not accessible to third parties.

Long and short-term parking at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol also includes Schiphol Park & Travel 3, a P3 long-term parking arrangement that includes free shuttle bus transfer back to the terminal’s Departure Hall. Cars can be parked for 3 days minimum and up to 75 maximum in this parking lot. The regular parking fee for this area is EUR 52.50 for the first three days of parking and, if reserved well in advance, this drops down to EUR 50.00 fort he first 3 day parking period. Each subsequent day is then calculated at EUR 6.00 per day.

Advance bookings for the Schiphol Park & Travel 3 parking lot must be made at least one full day in advance to get the more advantageous rate.

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