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Bomb Scare at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

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Bomb Scare at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Mar 02, 2012

Earlier this month Dutch police arrested a man at the airport, who had locked himself into one of the public toilets and claimed to have a bomb.

After closing one of Europe’s busiest airports for four hours, Dutch police finally allowed the two main passenger terminals to reopen. Armed police and their sniffer dogs had scoured the terminals for any sign of explosives.

During the afternoon, at around 16.00 hours the airport’s flight information displays were forced to display 16 cancellations of inbound flights and 11 cancellations of departure flights from Schiphol. Passengers braced themselves for a long wait, as many flights had to be delayed.

Fox News reported on 13th February 2012 that a spokesperson for the Dutch Armed police forces declined to say if any explosives had been discovered, but stated that the public was no longer in danger from the alleged bomber’s threats. The man had stowed away in a toilet by the panoramic viewing area on one of the upper floors.

This latest scare at one of Europe’s largest and busiest airports has shown that, while all passengers might grumble at the necessity of arriving at the airport several hours prior to the flight, the security measures currently in place are vital to ensure everyone’s safety.

Given that Malaysia Airlines has started to operate B777-200 flights out of Amsterdam on the daily service to Kuala Lumpur and that Turkish Airlines will operate four daily flights to Istanbul from next summer, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is going to be busier than ever.

Alternatives to flying from Amsterdam, in the event of major disruptions to flights, are excellent high speed train services, car rental via several well known car hire suppliers and coach services.

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